Bend OR vs. Brooklyn NYC

Be nice you're in... I was riding the subway today, it was rush hour and the L-train was like one giant game of Sardines. In New York City it's important to ignore people, you definitely do not want to make eye contact with the wrong person but, the guy sitting next let his knee trail … Continue reading Bend OR vs. Brooklyn NYC

Coney Island Baby

Q: What can you take from Brooklyn to Coney Island that you can't see but feel? A: The WindConey Island ft. windy beachPat Auletta Steeplechase PierThe 1,000-foot pier holds fisherman all year.The original pier was built in the 1950's.The pier was rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy.The timber from the 1950's was replaced with tougher, recycled, plasticized … Continue reading Coney Island Baby