Film Beyond Brooklyn

New York City, through the lens of my AGFA Optima 1a.

This is Brooklyn through the lens of my AGFA Optima Ia film camera. The camera was manufactured in 1962 and the film grains give the images an antique feel. The photos are from December. I finally developed them at the Brooklyn Community Darkroom. It’s an amazing facility in Bushwick that is eerily close to one of my favorite coffee shops, Little Skips.

I have been practicing photography for eight years now. I started developing my own film in 2011. I had my own darkroom in my closet for a year but I haven’t had the luxury of that much space for years.

Film photography is my way of showing the world without words. These images are my first experiment with combining film and digital media. I don’t usually edit my photos outside the darkroom but my boyfriend got me Lightroom and encouraged me to edit my photos online. Having done most of my editing in the darkroom I was blown away with the speed of editing my photos, burning and dodging that would have taken me hours, took seconds.

The perfectionist inside of my loved the speed and efficiency of being able to quickly burn, dodge and compare my photos. The artist inside me felt the sad stab reality. The hours I spend in the darkroom satisfy the haphazard nature of art, burning and dodging with my hands and special props feels different than a brush tool on the computer.

When I had my own darkroom I spent more time messing with the enlarger and the things I could put in it, than I did with actual film. I had a collection of bugs and leaves that I would use as filters. There is nothing like seeing the individual veins in a leaf over a film strip of a crackled cliff side.

There is something fantastic though about being able to put my photos on display on the largest viewed platform, the internet. Thanks for viewing.

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